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Paramedic Angie Discusses Working in Guatemala

Angie Dymott left her job as a paramedic in Cardiff, South Wales to join the Bomberos of Guatemala City, capital of Guatemala and one of the most murderous places on earth.

For two weeks she lived and worked alongside the Bomberos, combined paramedics and firemen, as they raced to the scene of gangland killings and drive by shootings, trying to save lives and to stay alive. She swapped her roomy, high tech, state of the art ambulance for a cramped minibus.

So how did she cope? Was it all too much, seeing bloodshed and violence everyday, always being nervous and wary and having to take endless precautions to stay safe? Or did Angie enjoy the adrenalin and the exhilaration of speeding to the scene of an accident or crime to help people?

Hear Angie reflect on her experiences, now she’s safely back in Britain.

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6 minutes