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22/12/2010 (1300 GMT)

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  • Ivory Coast

    Economics correspondent Andrew Walker on the World Bank suspending funds to the country.

    Duration: 02:45

  • Ivory Coast

    Author Stephen Ellis discusses the alleged use of Liberian mercenaries by presidential candidate Laurent Gbagbo.

    Duration: 04:01

  • USA gay military

    Steve Kingstone in Washington on President Obama’s removal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell“ legislation.

    Duration: 05:00

  • Senegal wrestling

    David Goldblatt travels to Dakar to meet those involved in the country’s biggest sport.

    Duration: 04:52

  • Greece strike

    Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis on the latest anti-austerity strike in Greece.

    Duration: 03:20


    The man who coined the term BRIC, discusses a survey showing how positive Brazil, Russia, India and China are about their economic future.

    Duration: 04:52

  • India onions

    Economist Professor BB Bhattacharya on the seriousness of the onion plight and its resulting price rise.

    Duration: 02:47

  • Mexico killings

    Rob Walker visits the border city of Tijuana to see why the drug cartels there are resistant to police action.

    Duration: 05:10


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