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How do we interpret medical research reported in the news, women talk about their menopausal experiences, traditional foods promoted in Kenya and do different sounds change the perception of taste?

How do we know which medical stories to act on that are reported in the news?

Women talk about their menopausal experiences to help dispel myths for others.

Traditional foods are promoted in Kenya to try to encourage healthy eating.

Do different sounds have an affect on your perception of taste?

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  • How do we know which medical stories to act on that are reported in the news?

    Some medical stories report groundbreaking research but we are advised not to act until we’ve consulted a doctor. We find out how to weigh up research and which stories to believe

    Duration: 07:55

  • Women discuss their experiences of the menopause

    Each woman will have a different experience of the menopause and researchers at Oxford University have compiled a website with videos of different women’s experiences

    Duration: 06:34

  • Traditional foods promoted in Kenya to help health

    Traditional foods are being promoted in Kenya to try to help reduce heart disease and diabetes and the high rates of obesity in the country

    Duration: 04:12

  • Can sounds alter your perception of taste?

    Researchers at Oxford University in the UK have been giving willing volunteers different liquids to taste and played different musical sounds to see if they affect how you perceive taste

    Duration: 06:58