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Quantitative easing

Will America's central bank use quantitative easing to pump new money into the economy?
Plus, why remuneration committees approve such big pay rises and bonuses for chief executives.

Speculation is increasing that America's central bank will start another round of quantitative easing to pump new money into the economy. Would it be effective, and would it have the side-effect of devaluing the dollar and forcing up the value of other currencies?

Lesley Curwen talks to former US Federal Reserve Governor, Larry Meyer from Macroeconomic Advisors, and to DeAnne Julius, former member of the committee which sets interest rates for the Bank of England.

Plus, management consultant Peter York wonders why remuneration committees approve big rises in pay and bonuses for chief executives.

And the programme ends with a soulful musical rendition of 'Quantitative Easing' from Curtis Threadneedle, with thanks to Merle Hazard.

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