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British geneticist Dame Linda Partridge on the new scientific advances that delay the ageing process and mean we can all live much longer. Plus Clay Shirky.

On this week's Forum, are we heading towards a brave new world?

Are we on the verge of discovering ways to delay the ageing process and expand our life spans? Award winning British geneticist Dame Linda Partridge reveals some surprising new scientific discoveries.

Who would have thought the number of ethnic conflicts around the world is steadily decreasing? German Professor of International Security, Stefan Wolff explores the reasons.

And what's about to change, now that billions of people can pool information with the rest of the globe at a click of a button? The newest thoughts of American new media visionary Clay Shirky.

Very old people celebrating the wane of ethnic conflict in a digitally legible world (1s and 0s).

Illustration by Emily Kasriel.

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55 minutes

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Sun 19 Sep 2010 08:05GMT


  • Linda Partridge

    Genetic advances that may slow down the ageing process.

    Duration: 16:37


    Clay Shirky and carbon footprints.

    Duration: 05:44

  • Stefan Wolff

    Why ethnic conflicts could be on the wane.

    Duration: 10:33

  • Clay Shirky

    A revolution that’s created a more legible society.

    Duration: 11:31


  • Sun 19 Sep 2010 08:05GMT