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Dazzle & Denny's home

Mary visits Dazzle and Denny's creatively decorated home. The couple admit they have lost direction in what they buy as stock for the shop & realise that if they want to be individual it has to be commercial.

Retail guru Mary Portas is back and she's just in time. As the High Street reels from the public's love affair with the major supermarkets, the nation's independent retailers need her help more than ever. Stalwart indies such as greengrocers and bakers are disappearing in their hundreds but not all is lost. Times may be tougher than ever but Mary believes that small shopkeepers willing and able to adapt can still thrive.

Mary battles to save a Kingston homeware shop living on borrowed time. Their 1970s stock is shockingly bad, the hippy owners are from another planet and it will be almost impossible to bring them back down to earth.

Under The Moon owners (and Fleetwood Mac lookalikes) Dazzle and Denny are from another age, as is their bizarre home interior range: from perfume-decanting glass slippers through 'breast lamp' light-fittings to 'mid-70s swinger-party style' black and chrome dining table sets.

Mary sets out to reinvent their homeware style, with help from avant-garde interior experts and the high priestess of homes at Elle Decoration magazine. She arranges selling trips to local Kingston figures such as rock royalty Jo Wood.

The appalling stock needs rebuilding from scratch, the owners are struggling to move into the 21st century and Under the Moon is saddled with debt - making a �45000 loss last year alone. The owners fear the shop will survive just three more months unless Mary can find the right fix.

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