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Natterjack top spot

Within the Walney Island dunes are pools, known as slacks, which are a top spot to check out a great UK rarity. Summer is the best time to come to Walney if you are interested in seeing one of Britain's rarest amphibians - the natterjack toad. They like the sandy slacks, and at this time of year lots of little toadlets emerge from the water, so you have to be careful how you approach a pond because the edge can be teeming with them. Chris Packham has a license to handle them, and has a tiny toadlet on the palm of his hand. The slacks suit them because the water is shallow, which means that it is warm, and it also dries out in the summer, so there are no predators such as dragonfly larvae in the pools. The adult toad has a bright yellow stripe running from its nose to the backside. Chris' biology teacher was one of the first natterjack conservationists, so he's always had an affinity for them.

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