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Dunes and geraniums

Chris Packham climbs to the highest point on Walney Island - only 20 metres high - and the views are fantastic. He can see the western Lake District, an expanse of sand perfect for wading birds, the Barrow shipyards and an offshore windfarm. This is an active sand dune system, where sand is allowed ro blow wherever it wants - a rarity these days. It creates dune slacks full of wild flowers - there are 450 different species of flowering plant on Walney. The bloody crane's-bill is a common plant. It's bright magenta flower gives rise to the 'bloody' in its name and its seed case is said to resemble the bill of a crane. Here there is a local variation of the bloody crane's-bill - a pink flower known as the Walney geranium, which is found nowhere else on Earth.

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