Garden oases

There’s something like 2 million garden ponds in the UK, and believe me, they are extremely important for wildlife. For example, common frogs are probably not common at all, and may even have died out if it wasn’t for garden ponds. Bill Oddie goes pond dipping. He finds tadpoles and some lovely little newts. One’s still got his little feathery gills and just little front paws. It’s not long since he was a newtpole - they do call them that by the way. Pond skaters and a water measurer - it’s like a pond skater that’s been on a diet. They actually have wings, so they would have flown in. This wicked looking creature with the big jaws is a dragonfly nymph. Some of these can stay under the water for a couple of years before they eventually climb up the reeds in late spring, and out comes the magnificent dragonfly. That is one of the miracles of nature. And if you ever wonder why is a dragonfly called a dragonfly, have a look at that face. Is that alien or what?

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