Moons in Skye

Mike Dilger goes on a glass-bottomed boat to view the underwater world around Skye - waters which are of international importance for marine life. He gets great views of jellyfish. Late spring is a great time to see all sorts of jellyfish which abound in the seas off Skye. The waters are teeming with them as they feed on tiny plankton too small too see. Most of them are moon jellyfish, with a lovely big umbel and four circles on the top. They have some control over where they go because their pulsating can make them move in certain directions - but largely they are at the mercy of the current. The sea acorn, like all jellyfish, is 95% water and the bright pink bit is its stomach and sex organs. The lion's mane jellyfish is Britain's largest. The mane is its tentacles, which it uses to catch food – mostly other jellyfish - and can give a nasty sting.

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