Rival owls

In early summer, as the nights get shorter, the farm's family of little owls is growing and getting hungrier by the day. No longer content with waiting patiently for a meal, the youngsters doorstep their parents. Warm wet nights are perfect for finding a good supply of earthworms. This is just as well as brood in the oak tree has competition from a rival clan in the farmyard. All owls are wary of each other and conflict is uncommon, but being the smallest, it pays to be careful. Where there is plenty of prey, little owls can nest surprisingly close to each other and the rival brood has nested in an old wall, close to the farmhouse. Lighting around the farmyard attracts moths and other insects which are all good fodder for little owls. Of all five owls on the farm, the little owl is the most adventurous. Over the last century and a half they have colonised nearly all the English lowlands and still seem to be doing well.

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