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There's news of the fall out from dispute between Google and China. DIY robots and old electric motors make music. TubeRadio - the music video jukebox and tagging sharks in Australia.

The technology consultant, Kaiser Kuo assess the fall out from Google's decision to no longer censor its Chinese language service and directing users from mainland China to its Hong Kong operation.

The sound artist, Ray Lee, demonstrates his Theremin orchestra comprising DIY robots and old electric motors at the Kinetica Art Fair in London.

The founders of TubeRadio discuss the unique selling point of their music video juke box, a playlist where you get music videos as well.

Simon Morton reports on how swimmers and surfers in Australia might be able to take their leisure more safely with the introduction of a system tagging great white sharks.

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Wed 31 Mar 2010 00:32GMT


  • Google China

    Kaiser Kuo assesses the fall out in the dispute between Google and China.

    Duration: 05:36

  • Theremin Orchestra

    Ray Lee demonstrates his unusual music made from DIY robots and old electric motors.

    Duration: 05:34

  • TubeRadio

    The founders of TubeRadio reveal the secrets behind the music video jukebox.

    Duration: 04:59

  • Tagging Sharks

    Surfers in Australia welcome the tagging of great white sharks.

    Duration: 04:29


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