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Rai music in Oran and the Kasbah of Algiers.

Andy presents two special on-location programmes from all over this vast and diverse country. 1/2 - Rai music in Oran and the Kasbah of Algiers.

Torn apart by civil war, Algeria has been off limits for many years. With the situation improving, Andy presents two special on-location programmes, including sessions recorded all over this vast and diverse country. This week he goes to the heart of Rai music in the port town of Oran , visits the famous Kasbah in Algiers , and attends a circumcision ceremony in a disused bowling alley.

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Mon 11 Jun 2007 23:15

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  • The world of Algerian music.

    Introduction to the world of Algerian music.

    Duration: 02:17

  • Music Played

  • Rachid Taha

    Rachid Taha –“Adding the attitude of the Clash to Rai Music”.

    Duration: 03:19

  • Music Played

  • Escorted by Oran’s police.

    Andy Kershaw escorted by Oran’s police.

    Duration: 02:10

  • Music Played

  • Meddahat Music.

    “Meddahat Music”, the Roots of Rai music.

    Duration: 06:03

  • Music Played

    • Cheikh Bou'arfa, Cheikha Chehida and Cheikh Brahim

      Harani Harani

  • Houari Benchenet

    In the studio with Houari Benchenet one of the Rai Revolutionists.

    Duration: 08:57

  • Music Played

  • The history and meaning of Rai.

    Interview with author Buzien Ben Ashur about the history and meaning of Rai.

    Duration: 09:28

  • Music Played

    • Khaled

      Trigue Lycee

    • Je Vis Encore

      Cheb Hasni

  • Algerian Rap group TOX.

    In the Studio with Algerian Rap group TOX performing two songs.

    Duration: 11:31

  • Music Played

    • TOX

      El Marwah

    • TOX

      Dir l'makan

  • Interview with The BBC stringer

    An interview with The BBC stringer in Algeria about the civil war and politics.

    Duration: 06:00

  • Music Played

    • Weyne Weyne

      Double Kanon

  • Mohamed Rouane

    A session with one of Algeria’s leading instrumentalists - Mohamed Rouane on the Mandol.

    Duration: 14:14

  • Music Played

    • Mohamed Rouane

      Tin Hinan

  • A stroll through the Casbah.

    A stroll through the Casbah, downtown Algiers and the Safir hotel.

    Duration: 06:39

  • Music Played

    • Mohamed Rouane

      Bouleria Nomade

  • A session with Tin Hinan.

    A session with the Touareg (nomads, desert dwellers) group Tin Hinan.

    Duration: 10:37

  • Music Played

    • Tin Hinan

      Tina Hagheen (Keep the Tradition)

    • Tin Hinan


  • A Circumcision party

    A Circumcision party and Shabi (folk) Music with Abdelmadjid Meskoud.

    Duration: 04:58

  • Music Played

    • Abdelmadjid Meskoud and his band

      Trad Circumcision party song