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Marseille - Mahgreb Rap, Algerian Rai, Pacific Creole, Congolese Rumba

The music of Marseille, allegedly the most racially harmonious of all of France's cities, and home to musicians from around the globe.

Always a fan of the cultural mix to be found in port towns, Andy went to the biggest port in Europe - Marseille, allegedly the most racially harmonious of all of France's cities, and home to musicians from around the globe.

From medieval Occitan polyphony and reggae, to Maghreb rap and a piano-playing godfather of Algerian Rai, taking in Pacific Creole and Congolese rumba à la sauce provencale, Andy uncovers a powerful sense of a personal and musical identity which is unique to Marseille.

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Christmas Eve 2006 22:15

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  • Andy Kershaw in Marseille.

    Andy Kershaw introduces us to the biggest port city in Europe - Marseille.

    Duration: 03:25

  • Music Played

  • Cor de la Plana.

    Andy with Occitan polyphony group Cor de la Plana.

    Duration: 13:54

  • Music Played

  • Massilia Sound System.

    Andy with Massilia Sound System, introducing Reggae music to Marseille.

    Duration: 07:04

  • Music Played

  • Andy in a local radio station.

    Andy in a local radio station dedicated to freedom of speech.

    Duration: 12:52

  • Music Played

  • Andy in the cultural centre.

    Andy in the cultural centre dedicated to Occitan culture.

    Duration: 09:19

  • Music Played

  • Maurice El-Medioni.

    Andy meets “The grandfather of Rai”, veteran pianist and singer Maurice El-Medioni.

    Duration: 10:32

  • Music Played

  • Interview with Maurice el Medioni

    Maurice el Medioni tells Andy about the relations between Jews and Arabs in Algeria.

    Duration: 04:43

  • Music Played

    • Maurice El Médioni & Roberto Rodriguez - Ana Ouana

  • The band “Bana Marseille”.

    Andy Kershaw meets “the united nations of Marseille” with the band “Bana Marseille”.

    Duration: 01:04:26

  • Music Played

    • Bana Marseille

      Afi (part 1)

    • Bana Marseille

      Afi (part 2)

  • Moussou T E Lei Jovents.

    Andy traces the band who first introduced him to Marseille music, Moussou T E Lei Jovents.

    Duration: 04:27

  • Music Played

  • “Mademoiselle Marseille"

    Hear Moussou T E Lei Jovents’S famous song “Mademoiselle Marseille".

    Duration: 02:40

  • Music Played

  • Moussou T E Lei Jovents plays.

    Andy with Moussou T E Lei Jovents, playing late at night in a small bohemian music venue.

    Duration: 05:43

  • Music Played

  • Bijan Chemirani.

    Andy meets virtuoso Iranian percussionist Bijan Chemirani playing the Tombak (aka Zarb).

    Duration: 10:40

  • Music Played

    • Bijan Chemirani and Maria Simoglou

      Minice Mou

      • BBC Recording on Location.
  • Andy visits a music centre.

    Andy visits a music centre where bands can hire rehearsal rooms cheaply.

    Duration: 11:22

  • Music Played

    • Psych4 De La Rhyme

      Enfants de la Lune

      • BBC Recording on Location.
    • Psych4 De La Rhyme

      Le Monde Est

      • BBC Recording on Location.