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Chinese opera in Beijing

In the second of Lucy Duran's profiles of China she visits a Beijing park to hear impromptu performances of greatest hits from Chinese opera; and meets Wei Hua, a rock singer whose songs show the influence of traditional Chinese music.

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  • Chinese opera in the park.

    Lucy Duran travels to a park in Beijing where people come to sing Chinese opera.

    Duration: 07:44

  • Lucy listens to opera.

    Lucy listens to opera being sung by families and amateurs in a park in Beijing.

    Duration: 07:45

  • In search of Chinese pop.

    Lucy goes in search of Chinese pop and finds rock singer Wei Hua.

    Duration: 08:28

  • Music Played

    • Wei Hua


    • Wei Hua


  • Chinese pop music.

    Chinese pop star Wei Hua tells Lucy of the influences from Taiwan on Chinese pop music.

    Duration: 09:39

  • Music Played

    • Wei Hua


  • Chinese pop star Wei Hua.

    Lucy talks to Chinese pop star Wei Hua about the different styles in her music.

    Duration: 09:54

  • Music Played

    • Wei Hua

      Forbidden City


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