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Shanghai tea-houses

In the first part of this four-programme epic, Silk and Bamboo , Lucy Duran visits Shanghai, where traditional silk and bamboo ensembles perform in the old tea-houses that still thrive among the skyscrapers of the modern city.

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45 minutes

Music and featured items

  • ‘silk and bamboo music’.

    Lucy Duran is in an old tea shop in Old Shanghai to hear ‘silk and bamboo music’.

    Duration: 06:43

  • Music Played

    • Performers of the Shanghai Silk and Bamboo Association

      Joyful Song

  • The Guzheng - a 7 string zither.

    Lucy tells of the rival of the ‘silk and bamboo’ tradition after the Cultural Revolution.

    Duration: 06:09

  • Music Played

    • Xiao Gan Bei

      The drinking song

  • Guzheng player Xiao Gan Bei.

    Celebrated Guzheng (zither) player Xiao Gan Bei talks Lucy through a song.

    Duration: 06:50

  • Music Played

    • Xiao Gan Bei

      Lamentation at nigh

  • Xiao Gan Bei on the Guzheng.

    Xiao Gan Bei continues telling Lucy about the Guzheng, and how he learnt it.

    Duration: 07:15

  • Music Played

    • Xiao Gan Bei

      Assassination of a Han Emperor

  • Old people’s activity club

    Lucy is in an old people’s activity club in Shanghai where traditional music is heard.

    Duration: 09:12

  • Music Played

    • Déodat de Séverac

      A piece about missing old friends

    • unknown

      Wealth and Prosperity

    • Déodat de Séverac

      A song of an oppressed wife

  • Style of silk and bamboo music.

    A local musician explains how the style of silk and bamboo music has changed little.

    Duration: 07:35


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