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Southern Greece and Crete

In the second of two programmes, Lucy Duran continues her search for some of the rarest and most exciting traditional music in Greece. This week she travels down south to the birthplace of Zeus, and the home to some of Greece’s most celebrated musicians: the Great Island, Crete.

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Music and featured items

  • Lucy Duran visits Crete

    Lucy Duran is in Crete, a major tourist destination that is also known for its music.

    Duration: 04:42

  • Music Played

    • by Vassilis Skoulas and his band

      Trot eke Pinete archoutes (Partially under speech)

    • Vassilis Skoulas and his band

      Erotokritos (Partially under speech)

  • Vassilis Skoulas plays Erotokritos

    Vassilis Skoulas plays and sings part of the Erotokritos, a long mythological work.

    Duration: 05:20

  • Vassilis Skoulas sings Yasemaki

    Vassilis Skoulas sings and plays Yasemaki, a typical troubadour immigrant song.

    Duration: 04:08

  • Music Played

    • Vassilis Skoulas and his band


  • Nikos Ksilouris

    Lucy talks to Thalia Iakouvidu, a Greek music executive about Nikos Ksilouris.

    Duration: 05:31

  • Music Played

    • N. Sylouris

      When will there be clear night skies

    • Mike Skoulas

      Traditional mandolin piece

  • Michalis Skoulas mandolin piece

    Michalis Skoulas plays a solo piece on a mandolin.

    Duration: 04:55

  • Lyra player Psaradonis

    Lucy meets Lyra player Psaradonis, one of the most famous characters of Cretan music.

    Duration: 08:45

  • Music Played

    • Psaradonis


  • Bagpipe Player

    Lucy meets one of the last remaining bagpipe players.

    Duration: 08:45

  • Lucy meets Hinides.

    Lucy is in Crete’s capital Heraklion with the innovative band Hinides.

    Duration: 10:05

  • Music Played

    • Hinides


  • Lucy speaks to Hinides

    Lucy speaks to Dimitri from the band Hinides about the vanishing Cretan culture.

    Duration: 04:54

  • Music Played

    • Hinides

      The tiger

  • Lucy visits her father’s grave.

    Lucy ends the Crete programme with a personal note, visiting her father’s grave.

    Duration: 02:52


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