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Howard Schmidt spells out the threat from cyber terrorism; Malaysia's love affair with Twitter; BBC unveils competition for short films; A computer programming mistake produces a work of art.

Howard Schmidt explains the importance of cyber security, and what individuals and countries can do to avoid coming under cyber attack.

Jennifer Pak reports from Malaysia about the rise of social networking amongst the countries politicians, from the prime minister down.

The BBC unveils a new competition to encourage listeners to create short documentary films.

Colin Grant reports on cMatrix12, the work of art created by Bret Battey that grew out of a computer programming error.

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Wed 27 Jan 2010 01:32GMT


  • Howard Schmidt

    Howard Schmidt alerts computer users to the dangers of cyber-crime.

    Duration: 04:27

  • Malaysia's politics of social networking

    A report on how Malaysia's politicians have fallen in love with social networking sites.

    Duration: 05:09

  • BBC's MyWorld

    BBC unveils a new competition for amateur short film makers.

    Duration: 03:59

  • cMatrix12

    Colin Grant reports on how a computing error led to a stunning work of art.

    Duration: 05:31


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