Copenhagen continues to dominate headlines as world leaders arrive in the Danish capital to press their case for a global agreement. On this week's show we get an update on the talks, but also consider some of the broader issues facing those who want a new relationship between man and nature.

Richard Hollingham asks whether it's time to view Mother Nature in terms of cold hard cash - to put a monetary value on all that she offers and provides. And we hear from the Brazilian city of Manaus which lies at the heart of the Amazon surrounded by some of the world's richest biodiversity. What do residents there think of plans to pay them not to mess with their forest?

There is some uplifting news in the show. We hear from Japan where a professor thinks he's worked out a way to rebuild threatened coral islands in a matter of years. And Mike holds the show together from a snowy London where he's taking part in a bid to feed five thousand people for free using junk food. Well, junk as in waste food. The organisers want to highlight the amount of produce that gets needlessly thrown away.

As ever, tune in, have a listen and then let us know what you think. You can email the team at oneplanet@bbc.com. Or join in the conversation on our Facebook page, the link's below.

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