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Cool jazz for the evening.

Chris was born in Nottingham, went to school in Long Eaton and studied for his Engineering Qualifications at Nottingham Polytechnic.

Having finished his apprenticeship Chris ran away to sea and spent three years in the Far East with Shell Tankers.

Chris tried his hand at football, hockey and cricket, finally deciding that no matter what size it was, the ball was the problem.

So he joined Notts Athletic Club, ran for them for over 20 years representing club and county at road running and cross-country, and is very proud of his 10 mile and marathon times.

Chris and his wife Susan both ran the London Marathon in 1987 and they've competed many times in the Nottingham event.

Chris met his wife, Susan, in a Nottingham night club, the first date nearly didn't happen as first he lost her phone number and then spent ages looking for her house in West Bridgford.

Chris is well known for his hopeless sense of direction and can only find his bearings if he can see the Nottingham Ring Road.

Since Chris finished with competitive sport he keeps fit by walking, in Derbyshire or locally, and going to a gym.

A keen supporter of Nottingham Rugby Club, he goes to all home games and particularly enjoys the occasional away trip. It helps if the beer is good and they win.

Chris and Susan also love watching cricket and are season ticket holders at Trent Bridge.

Like John Holmes, Chris enjoys a pint, particularly the local brews, and he's a member of CAMRA.

Chris has been involved in local Radio broadcasting for about 30 years, first with his own programme on Hospital Radio then graduating to Radio Nottingham's Jazz Incorporated presenting articles and reviews.

Chris has eclectic tastes in Jazz music, which he says is essential in presenting Jazz Incorporated, he's lectured in Jazz, and for many years ran a Jazz Appreciation night school class in Nottingham.

Chris is a keen supporter of the local Jazz scene, where he enjoys chatting to fellow Jazz fans, musicians and meeting listeners to 'Jazz Incorporated'.

He always takes a pen and paper to the gigs to jot down listeners requests.

Chris devours biographies and autobiographies, mainly about sports people and musicians.

He's also fascinated by the history and battle sites of the First World War, sparked off by finding the grave sites of two Great Uncles who fought on the Western Front.

Chris and Susan have visited the battle fields of Northern France on many occasions.

Chris has been a Jazz fan since his school days but grew up in the Beatles era and also likes Rockabilly, Ry Cooder, Buddy Holly, Joe Jackson.

Chris has a very open mind and a wide appreciation when it comes to music, particularly Jazz.

He welcomes listeners' requests and comments about the programme and is looking forward to adding to Jazz Incorporated's 35 plus years of regular broadcasts.

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