So I Can Breathe

As part of BBC News' #SoIcanbreathe season, this week Click focuses on air pollution. Spencer Kelly tests out a new air pollution monitoring camera on the streets of London from thermal camera makers FLIR and visits researchers at Imperial College. Over in Chicago, Marc Cieslak visits the array of things, a project to monitor the city's air in great detail to give the public, scientists and city officials the data they need to make informed choices around health and infrastructure. Sumi Das investigates a texting service called Crisis Text Line, a counselling service in the USA. Its algorithm analyses young people's text messages for concerning phrases to help prioritise the service, to respond to the most urgent texters first. Lara Lewington visits London's Wearable tech show to look at the latest in wearable devices and over at MIT researchers have created a mind-controlled robot, focusing on the strong signals sent from our brains when we witness the robot doing something wrong.

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Fri 31 Mar 2017 00:30 GMT
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