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Protein: power in powder?

Jaega Wise investigates the hype around protein supplements. Do they work? Are they healthy and how much protein do we need?

Protein supplements have been around for a long time but recently it feels like they made the jump from a niche product for gym enthusiasts to something much more mainstream. We are seeing protein being added to all kinds of food products for example, from chocolate bars to cereal.

Jaega Wise wants to find out more about these products. Do we need them? What are they made of? How much protein should we be eating?

Jaega visits Balance festival in East London to observe how protein is taking over the wellness scene. She also talks to her partner Will who has been drinking protein shakes. She visits a factory where they make Form Protein – a more upmarket, vegan supplement.

We hear from Professor Stuart Phillips on the effectiveness of protein supplements and Dietitian Dr Linia Patel on the Refence Nutrient Intake – the amount of protein we are recommended to have every day.

Presenter: Jaega Wise
Produced in Bristol by Natalie Donovan and Sam Grist

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29 minutes


  • Sun 31 Jul 2022 12:32
  • Mon 1 Aug 2022 15:30

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