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BAFTA Award-winning actor and poetry fan Rakie Ayola discovers how dialect has evolved into poetry in South Wales where she grew up.

Through discussions with passionate dialect poets and dialect experts on location in South Wales, BAFTA Award-winning actor Rakie Ayola looks at how the words and accent of the area where she grew up have changed over time.

Rakie was raised in the Ely district of Cardiff and, in this programme, she meets others from the same area and close by. Meanwhile she explores the significance of so-called Wenglish, dialect in Swansea and the ‘bard of Gower’.

She also discovers dialect poetry in ‘the valleys’, including Merthyr Tydfil, and finds out how rap is bringing new words to the South Wales dialect.

Among the poets taking part are Mab Jones, Jack Jones, Eric Ngalle, Lloyd Robson, Mike Jenkins, Topher Mills, Gemma June Howell and singer/songwriter Craig Cherry.

Produced by Ashley Byrne and Iain Mackness
A Made in Manchester production for BBC Radio 4

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An ear for an aye – listening to England's dialect poetry

An ear for an aye – listening to England's dialect poetry

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