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02/04/31: Cheese Producers in Lockdown

Caz Graham logs into an internet Meet the Cheesemaker event featuring farmer Jonathan Crump and his rare-breed Gloucester cows.

An on-line cheese tasting might sound like a virtual leap too far but the internet video conferencing websites we’ve grown used to in lockdown have created a perfect platform for taking farmers and food producers right into the homes of their customers. Meet Your Cheesemaker is a live monthly on-line introduction to small scale farmer cheesemakers – and most importantly, their cheese. The man behind it, Francis Gimblett, tells Caz Graham how it works and why specialist cheese-making could be a rewarding diversification for some smaller dairy farmers. Cotswold farmer Jonathan Crump who makes single and double gloucester cheese admits this was his very first Zoom call and introduces us to Molly and Pansy, his rare breed Gloucester cows, while he’s milking them.
Tanya Byrne and Holly Banham are regular participants and explain why they love hearing the insights only a farmer can bring to the cheese they make and advise on how to avoid rookie cheese mistakes like buying a whole wheel when 200g might be a more suitable amount!

Presented and produced for BBC Audio in Cumbria, by Caz Graham.

11 days left to listen

13 minutes


  • Fri 2 Apr 2021 05:45