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Matt finally meets a girl. Could she really be the one? They seem to have so much in common. What could go wrong?

Matt is 27. He has cerebral palsy and can only speak via an app on his iPad. Everyone who cares about Matt knows that this isn't the defining thing about him.

He is funny and clever and "up for stuff" - partly because he is keen to show that there's nothing he can't do, but also because, if he's honest, he's aware that he's less likely than other people to get the blame.

In this third series of the award-nominated comedy, Matt is still sharing a flat with his best mate, Jess (Sammy Dobson). He still has his rubbish carer, Bob (Jason Lewis) and, over the last year or so, the three of them have been through a lot together - well a lot of drinking and hangovers anyway. And now, finally, Matt meets a woman he likes and who also seems to like him (Anna, played by Lisa Hammond).

And they seem to have so much in common - she is even a wheelchair user so they can share their annoyance and grief at people's crazy attitudes to disabilities. What could possibly go wrong?

As well as his mechanical voice, Matt also has a strong inner-voice, played by Andrew Hayden-Smith.

Ability is the semi-autobiographical co-creation of the 2018 Britain’s Got Talent winner, Lee Ridley, otherwise known as Lost Voice Guy. Like his sitcom creation, Lee has cerebral palsy and can only speak via an app. He is - probably - the first stand up comedian to use a communication aid. Prior to BGT, Lee won the BBC New Comedy Award in 2014. He has written and performed four full Edinburgh shows and completed major sell out tours of the UK.

The series is co-written by Kat Butterfield and Daniel Audritt. It's set in Newcastle and many of the cast last played together as children in Biker’s Grove.

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