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Cooking Blind

Entrepreneur and TV presenter Amar Latif, Double world champion cyclist Lora Fachie MBE and writer Simon Mahoney share food stories and cooking tips with Sheila Dillon.

Amar Latif, entrepreneur and presenter, became the first blind contestant on BBC One's Celebrity MasterChef in 2019. During the series he inspired viewers, sighted, blind and partially sighted, as well as the MasterChef judges with this recipes and flair for flavours.

Amar is one cook speaking to Sheila Dillon about his culinary inspiration and his rejuvenated enthusiasm for cooking. Sheila also speaks to double world champion, Paralympic Gold medal winning tandem cyclist, lifetime home cook and healthy food blogger Lora Fachie MBE about what role cooking has played in her life and career. And blind writer Simon Mahoney explains why he was inspired to write his first cookbook when he taught himself to cook after his wife, "his eyes" passed away.

Sheila hears food stories and kitchen inspiration for aspiring cooks, whether sighted or blind.

Presented by Sheila Dillon.
Produced in Bristol by Clare Salisbury.

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29 minutes

Find out more about the contributors

Lora Fachie MBE has a blog called Blindingly Good Food. 
Read more about Simon Mahoney's book 'First Catch Your Rabbit' on his website Winging It Blind 
Find out more about Amar Latif on his website. 


  • Sun 7 Feb 2021 12:32
  • Mon 8 Feb 2021 15:30

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