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Plant Britain

Countryfile launches Plant Britain, an ambitious two-year challenge to get us all planting to help combat climate change and at the same time, boost our wellbeing and wildlife.

Countryfile launches Plant Britain, an ambitious two-year challenge aimed at galvanising everyone in the nation to get planting - no matter where you live or how large or tiny a space you may have - to help combat climate change and at the same time, boost our wellbeing and wildlife.

Matt Baker is in Cheshire, planting the very first trees in what will become the Countryfile Plant Britain wood, while Anita Rani is in her home town of Bradford, helping residents of the Canterbury Estate to plant trees in their front gardens and at the local primary school. Anita is also on her home turf in Hackney, discovering how her local area is going green with help from voluntary organisation Tree Musketeers.

Margherita Taylor is at Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire, discovering exactly how trees capture carbon. Steve Brown is in Neath, south Wales, to learn which trees to plant in which location, while John Craven discovers a micro-forest close to his home and plants a simple window box to demonstrate how you can still do your bit even if your outdoor space may just be a window ledge. Ellie Harrison climbs high at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, finding out how trees function as a vital life support system for Britain’s wildlife.

There are also special messages from such well-known tree lovers as HRH The Prince of Wales, Dame Judi Dench and Brian May.

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The Countryfile Wood

The Countryfile Wood

To inspire and to lead the way, we’re planting our very own Countryfile Plant Britain wood at “rurban” Quarry Bank in Cheshire, a stone’s throw from greater Manchester. 

Working with the National Trust, Matt, along with a tag team of fabulous families, plants the first of 3,600 saplings on this two hectare site.  

The Countryfile wood neighbours ancient woodland so you can see straightaway how our saplings will grow over the years.

The Countryfile wood will be open all year round for you to enjoy and is part of the National Trust’s mission to plant 20 million trees by 2030. 

Matt also launches our new interactive UK Plant Britain tracking map. The first sapling he plants will represent our first pin on the map.

Visit the Countryfile wood

The Science of a Tree

The Science of a Tree

Discover what wonderful carbon warriors our trees are as we join Margherita at one of the most-researched woods in the world. 

Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire is a living tree lab closely monitored by Oxford University.

Margherita is on a mission to discover just how much carbon a tree can capture and the vital role our woodlands play as the lungs of the UK.

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Green Up Bradford!

Green Up Bradford!

Anita is on her childhood home turf in Bradford to join an initiative to “green up” the city. 

She visits Canterbury Estate to help residents plant trees and shrubs in their front gardens and on derelict sites in the neighbourhood. 

Bradford Council, Better Place Bradford and Trees for Cities have teamed up to encourage residents in community tree planting to create greener spaces. 

The initiative ties in with Bradford’s £25m climate change initiative which includes “a tree for every child”. That’s 55,000 trees!

Their aim: to try to mitigate effects of air pollution in the city and boost opportunities for wildlife and help wellbeing.

Better Start Bradford

Trees for Cities

Wildlife Support Systems

Wildlife Support Systems

Ellie is at Westonbirt, the national arboretum, to rope climb an oak for a forensic examination of how trees are a crucial life support system for wildlife. 

As she inches her way down from canopy to roots, she discovers how the nation’s favourite tree provides a safe haven for thousands of species: species which couldn’t survive without woodland. 

With expert help from Forestry England ecologist Kate Wollen, no leaf will remain unturned.

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What to plant, where

What to plant, where

The classic mistake so many of us make is to plant the wrong tree in the wrong place.  

With the help of the Woodland Trust, Steve reveals how to get it right so whatever you plant has the best start in life.

The Woodland Trust believes we need to boost woodland cover from 13% to 19% by 2050, which means increasing the rate of woodland expansion across the UK from 13,000 hectares per year to 35,000 hectares.

How to plant a tree



Louise Hartley, from Earthwatch, takes us round the UK’s first micro-forest in Witney, Oxfordshire. 

This fast-growing ‘tiny-forest’ – the size of a tennis court - can certainly pack a punch. 

As well as helping stem the loss of urban wildlife, it also stores carbon, helps to reduce flooding, improves air quality and cuts noise pollution.

John will also get plenty of tips on small-scale planting by the Balcony Gardener, Isabelle Palmer, and creates his own micro-forest in a window box.

Why do we need tiny forests?

The Tree Musketeers

The Tree Musketeers

Anita discovers how her Hackney neighbourhood is being transformed by the Tree Musketeers, a voluntary organisation which has been planting trees in green spaces for the past 20 years. 

And they don’t just plant them, they grow them too.

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