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Loyalty Penalty; Lockdown Housing; Britbox

Big changes on the way to stop people being penalised for staying brand loyal. How comfortable have you felt in your home during lockdown?
And have you subscribed to Britbox?

We investigate the latest twist in a long battle to make markets work more effectively for customers who stay brand loyal. At the moment, people who stay loyal to a company and don't shop around for the best deals are much more likely to be overcharged, sometimes by almost £1000. It's known as the loyalty penalty and it means that eight out of ten of us are paying more than we should for things like insurance, mortgages, mobile phones and broadband. Campaigners say there is now hope that real change is on the way following new propsosals from the Financial Condust Authority to reform the insurance market. We ask Huw Evans, Director General of Association and British Insurers, about how the industry plans to make the changes wanted by the regulator. We also hear from Morgan Wild from Citizens Advice, which two years ago, put in a super-complaint about the opaque pricing practices being used by some companies.

We take a closer look at how lockdown has changed how we think and feel about where we live now that we're all spending more time at home. We examine a new report out today about what most makes people feel comfortable in their homes and surrounding areas . Our reporter Jay Unger visits a new housing estate in North Manchester to find out how people there are coping with more time at home. We also speak to Professor Matthew Carmona from University College London, the lead author behind the new research.

And we talk to the boss of Britbox - and ask if they have managed to attract the subscribers they were hoping for.

Presenter: Rachel Burden
Producer: Tara Holmes

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  • Mon 12 Oct 2020 12:18



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