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Can the NHS recover from coronavirus?

What has the pandemic done to healthcare in the UK, from cancelled treatments to undiagnosed cancers? David Aaronovitch asks the experts whether it can get back on track.

The pandemic will impact the way healthcare is delivered for years to come. At the same time as preparing for a possible second wave, the NHS also has to work its way through a backlog of delayed appointments and treatments. Waiting lists could top 10 million people this year.

David Aaronvicth asks the experts what Covid-19 has done to healthcare in the UK and how can it recover:

Journalist Chris Cook specialises in the public sector and is an editor and partner at Tortoise Media
Rachel Schraer is a health reporter for BBC News
Dr Jennifer Dixon is the chief executive of the Health Foundation
Professor Carol Propper is a health economist at Imperial College London and President of The Royal Economics Society
Nigel Edwards is chief executive of the Nuffield Trust an independent health think tank.

Producers: Kirsteen Knight, Beth Sagar Fenton, Joe Kent
Studio manager: Neva Missirian
Editor: Jasper Corbett.

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  • Thu 9 Jul 2020 20:00

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