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Good morning.

Over the past few weeks our country has been discussing issues surrounding racism and racial prejudice in our society, and it reminded me of a conversation I had on the train with a man of Indian heritage. I asked about the prejudice he experienced. He said it was rare that there was a day that went by that he didn't get some sort of taunt, or inappropriate joke, or aggression, something to remind him that for many people he didn't belong in this country, despite being born here.

He said it was like going out each morning and knowing that you were going to be cut - that someone, perhaps more than one person, wanted to hurt you. Some days it might be just a paper cut, some days it might be worse, some days it might be just one person or some days it might be a whole group. You would never know when it was coming, but you knew the chances were it was, and you knew as you woke up each day, that you would come home bleeding.

There is a gift which God gives us to help us heal these deep wounds, and that is compassion. The word compassion literally means "with pain". To exercise compassion for one another, we have to share in the pain of those who suffer. Because when their pain becomes our pain, we do something about it.

Almighty God, you have taught us that whatever we do for the least of your children we do for you. Stir up within us your gift of compassion, that we may not rest until all your people are valued, respected, and loved; give us the will to find a way, and the courage not to stop until we do. Amen.


  • Tuesday 05:43