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Good morning.

Today the church celebrates the feast of St Peter, the apostle and leader of the early church.

I often wonder about that young Christian church. How they survived, is a miracle in itself. In calling the Apostles Jesus collected together a very mixed bag of people, and throughout the Gospels they show themselves to be inadequate to the task. They fell out with one another, they were arrogant and hot-headed, and St Peter was  the hothead in chief. Jesus said "you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church" but when you think of the character of St Peter, it is not a foundation which would pass building inspection.

And yet, that was how they thrived. They knew they were utterly reliant on God, that they couldn't do it by themselves, so they were constantly praying, constantly praising, joyful in their humility, and put their trust in God completely. They discovered that miracles happen when God is in charge, and we are helping.

When we think we can do it for ourselves, however talented we may be, things fall apart. But when we acknowledge God, not any earthly power, as our leader, then the hungry are fed, the sorrowful find comfort, and the kingdom can draw near. And when we look, we see these miracles happening every day.  Heroes caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, calling for justice for the oppressed.  These miracles happen when people see were love is leading them, and then go there.

Be with us gracious God, our leader and our friend. Be with us when we are full of hope and when we are deep in the valley of despair. Be with us, be our light and our guide, that we may ever fix ourselves upon you, the author and perfecter of our faith. Amen.


  • Mon 29 Jun 2020 05:43