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Programme 6, 2020

Stuart Maconie hosts the quiz that tests contestants' knowledge of events from different decades across the past 60 years

The 1960s TV series White Horses, the hole in the ozone layer, the quintessential 'brat-pack' movie and the earliest incarnation of the game character Mario provide topics for some of the questions, as the last three contestants of the current run join Stuart Maconie for the quiz about the events and culture of different decades. They each answer questions on their own particular chosen decade - which could be the one they grew up in, or one they know plenty about for some other reason. They then also have to answer on a different decade, in which they were significantly younger, or older, or perhaps not even born. Stuart hopes to find out just how much the generations know about one another's heroes, heroines and heritage.

The questions cover popular culture, sport, politics and world events, technological innovations and social history - with plenty of music and voices from down the years to jog the memory. Whatever your age, you may find yourself surprised at some of the things you know that the contestants don't.

Producer: Paul Bajoria

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