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Coronavirus Crisis: Europe’s Migrant Camps

Panorama investigates conditions inside Greek migrant camps during the Covid-19 lockdown, as experts warn of the potential for dangerous outbreaks inside the camps.

Panorama investigates conditions inside Greek migrant camps, locked down as coronavirus spread across the world. Refugees and migrants filming on mobile phones reveal how vulnerable people have to share taps and toilets with those who have tested positive for the virus, risking onward transmission. Strict quarantine is enforced on camps where coronavirus cases are confirmed, leading to some shortages in food, water and medical care inside. Fear of the virus and anger at camp conditions have led to violence. Panorama hears from charity and public health experts who warn that any failure to control the spread of the virus inside the camps could lead to potentially dangerous outbreaks.

29 minutes


Role Contributor
Reporter Said Reza Adib
Director Joe Plomin
Producer Joe Plomin
Executive Producer Karen Wightman
Editor Rachel Jupp