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Justice in lockdown

Can virtual courts deliver justice? Joshua speaks to participants of a mock virtual jury trial.

Can virtual courts deliver justice? We speak to participants of a mock jury trial held by law reform group Justice, with legal teams and jurors replacing the courtroom with the sitting room.

Scotland's second most senior judge, Lord Justice Clerk Lady Dorrian, outlines how socially distanced jury trials can resume safely in July.

And Joshua Rozenberg asks Director of Service Prosecutions Andrew Cayley QC if the Service Prosecuting Authority is prosecuting cases of rape and sexual assault effectively and whether charges are likely to be brought against British military personnel accused of offences against Iraqi civilians.

Researcher: Diane Richardson
Producer: Neil Koenig

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28 minutes


  • Tue 2 Jun 2020 16:00
  • Thu 4 Jun 2020 20:00

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