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5. Follow the Money

Episode 5 of 11

The extraordinary story of what some say is the widest miscarriage of justice in UK legal history. Today, hopes for a settlement fade as campaigners dig in for the long haul.

The extraordinary story of a decade-long battle with the Post Office, fought by their own sub-postmasters. Some call it the widest miscarriage of justice in UK legal history.

After the introduction of a new computer system in the early 2000s, the Post Office began using its data to accuse sub-postmasters of falsifying accounts and stealing money. Many were fired and financially ruined; others were prosecuted and even put behind bars.

In this ten-part series, journalist Nick Wallis gets right to the heart of the story, as he talks to those whose lives were shattered and follows the twists and turns of a David and Goliath battle as the sub-postmasters tried to fight back.

Today, the rollercoaster ride contnues as hopes of a settlement turns to despair at an apparent change of legal tactics by the Post Office and campaigners face the prospect of a long and seemingly unwinnable courtroom battle.

Presenter: Nick Wallis
Producer: Robert Nicholson
Executive Producer: Will Yates
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4

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