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GQT At Home: Episode 5

Kathy Clugston hosts the horticultural panel show from home.

Kathy Clugston hosts the horticultural panel show from home. This week, Matthew Wilson, Bunny Guinness and Bob Flowerdew are on hand to answer questions which have been sent in by budding gardeners on email and social media.

The panellists tackle questions on growing sweetcorn in pots , pruning Lavender, and growing the perfect Rhubard.

Away from the questions, Matthew Pottage has some tips and tricks for keeping houseplants looking healthy and happy while you are at home, and Anne Swithinbank gives us this week's Gardening Glossary explaining all the horticultural terms surrounding seeds and seedlings.

Producer: Dan Cocker
Assistant Producer: Jemima Rathbone

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4

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42 minutes

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Sun 3 May 2020 14:00

Plant List

Q – Since the lockdown I have found it difficult to get good seeds online due to demand for delivery, so I have bought seeds from supermarkets. I have been told soaking seeds overnight leads to more successful germination. What can I expect? (1 minute 25)


Q – Can sweetcorn be grown successfully in pots? (3 minutes 40)


Matthew – Dwarf sweetcorn varieties


Q – What can I do with decorative gravel, soil and weed mixture I have left-over? (5minutes 35)


Q – 4 years after planting, the 3 rhubarb plants on my allotment are very weak and only produce only a few spindly stalks and would rather flower than produce stalks. What can I do? (10 minutes 50)


Bob - Victoria


Matthew Pottage on his houseplant tidy up (14 minutes 30)


Q – I have a fair bit of wastepaper which I shred. How much can I safely add to my compost bin? (19 minutes 15)


Q – Can we grow blueberries on our windowsill? Would we need a paintbrush to try and pollinate tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries in order to get them to fruit? (22 minutes 08)


Matthew – Salad leaves - Rocket and Mizuna


Q – I have a lavender plant which is rather woody and not that pretty to look at. What should I do? (25 minutes 05)


Anne Swithinbank Gardening Glossary (29 minutes)


Q – Have the panel any advice on how to achieve success on germinating tomato seeds? (35 minutes)


Bob – ‘Gardener’s delight’ tomatoes

 ‘Histon Cropper’



  • Fri 1 May 2020 15:00
  • Sun 3 May 2020 14:00

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