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with Lyzza and Baby T

Tom chats to Amsterdam based Brazilian DJ/producer/vocalist Lyzza and Baby T AKA B Traits delivers the guest mix.

Tom chats to Amsterdam based Brazilian DJ/producer/vocalist Lyzza and Baby T AKA B Traits delivers the guest mix.
Lyzza began taking music seriously in 2016 and released her Powerplay EP the following year. Her most recent release was the Defiance EP which came out in November.
DJ and producer B Traits has resurrected her old moniker Baby T. She says:
“Baby T is an alias that I am breathing new life into. Originally, my name was Baby Traits (as in baby "features" — I was 18 when I started touring in North America) and as I began to get more DJ bookings within the jungle community, I abbreviated Baby to B so that the name was more androgynous, to prevent the unnecessary attention and bad-mouthing I got whenever people found out I was female. In a sense, it's a reclamation of my original alias—I played faster back then: hardcore, drum & bass and jungle—and that's where I’m going back to with Baby T."

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Fri 3 Apr 2020 21:00

Music Played

  • Slugabed

    2 put the runes on u (samuel organ remix)

    • Activia Benz.
  • Ex‐Terrestrial

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    • NAFF Recordings.

    Can You Hear My Heart Leave

    • Skinned.
  • Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

    Still Swag (radio edit)

  • Deantoni Parks

    Tears In Rain II

    • Humani Machina.
  • Holden & Zimpel

    Wednesday (feat. Jakub Ziolek)

    • Border Community.
  • Franz Kirmann

    Slow Snow

    • Bytes.
  • Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta

    Turkbuku at Sunrise

    • Friends of Friends.
  • Floating Spectrum

    The Early Green Outburst

    • Temporary Residence.
  • F*** Buttons

    The Lisbon Maru

    • ATP Recordings.
  • Tonstartssbandht

    Hymn Eola

    • Neen.
  • Justin Walter


    • Kranky.

    Tangerine Dreams

    • LYZZA.
  • Grimes

    4 AM

    • 4 AM.
    • 4AD Ltd.
    • 1.


    • Lyzza.
  • CLD.RĀN (Victor Ferreira)


    • Future Archive Recordings.
  • Enhet För Fri Musik

    Fallen Frukt

    • Grapefruit.
  • Metal Preyers


    • Nyege Nyege.
  • Max de Wardener

    Kolmar (Reprise)

    • Village Green.
  • Item

    A Quatre

    • NLS.
  • Craven Faults


    • The Leaf Label.
  • Emptyset


    • Thrill Jockey.
  • Aphex Twin


    • warp.
  • Clark

    Winter Linn

    • Warp.
  • The Exaltics

    Skyway Chase (Legowelt Remix)

    • Clone West Coast.
  • Asquith


    • Who's Susan.
  • Glaskin


    • Yael Yrip.
  • BABY-T

    I Wish

    • CPU.
  • Solid Blake

    Soap Cube

    • Seilscheibenpfeiler.
  • Zeki 808

    White Label

    • Ilian Tape.
  • ??????

    They Know Who I Am

  • Antigone


    • Trip.
  • Makaton

    Bruise Violet

    • Voitax.
  • BABY-T

    Baby T - Free Thinking She-Punk

    • Unreleased.
  • Scalameriya

    Red X

    • 47.
  • Aquarian

    Tarp 2

    • Bedouin.
  • Outer Heaven

    Untitled Jungle [Western Lore]

    • Western Lore.
  • BABY-T

    Estrogen Attitude

    • CPU.
  • Clarity

    Cyclone (feat. Indigo)

    • Samurai Music.
  • BABY-T

    Untitled Dense Dickwood

    • Unreleased.
  • Jacques Greene


    • Lucky Me.
  • Flore


    • Polaar.
  • Third Son

    Bag O Bones

    • Accidental Jnr.
  • Harry Rodger


    • NX-X.
  • Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld

    The Sun Roars Into View

    • Constellation.


  • Fri 3 Apr 2020 21:00