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Response of Religions to Coronavirus; Worship Online; Mothing Sunday

Edward Stourton brings you news and analysis of the religious, moral and ethical stories of the week.

The landscape for all faith communities has changed dramatically this week. The doors to churches, mosques, temples and cathedrals closed as communities do their bit to try and keep worshipers safe and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. But keeping those communities together and supporting them through a time of national crisis is proving to be challenging. Joining Edward Stourton to discuss how their faith communities are navigating the current crisis are the Rev Prof Gina Radford - a former Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Imam Abid Khan from the Cheadle Mosque and Community Centre in Manchester and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner - Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism.

The main solution for many religions to the temporary closure of worship spaces, has been to start broadcasting services, prayers and devotional messages online. Sophia Smith-Galer has been taking a look at religion in the digital age and this week she took part in virtual reality Christian service in which the pastor was in the United States and the congregation was spread out all over the world.

Today will be a very different Mothering Sunday as many families will be unable to get together. So, The Mother’s Union is stepping up to support members who will be in insolation this Sunday because of the coronavirus. Their Chief Executive - Beverley Jullien - joins William to discuss some of the suggested activities that her organisation has come up with.

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