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Robert makes an emotional gesture and there are complications on Ben’s night out.

Josh has a go at Ben when he finds him taking his pick of clothes from Josh’s wardrobe. Josh is cranky because there’s no work for him at Home Farm after all. Ben cheers him up with the prospect of their night out.

Robert visits Freddie to thank him for getting Lynda out of Grey Gables. Robert gives Freddie the Military Medal awarded to his father. Freddie is reluctant to accept it but Robert insists he honours Freddie’s brave actions. Lynda would like to see Freddie herself but Freddie’s not sure; he feels it’s not fair as he’s barely injured. But Robert says that doesn’t matter.

Pip’s car breaks down on the way to Felpersham. Ben has already started drinking. While Pip phones the breakdown service Ben gets out and flags down a passing car. Joy is behind the wheel; she agrees to give Ben a lift to Felpersham in her two-seater. Josh and Pip will catch up once Pip’s car is attended to. When Pip and Josh get to Felpersham they find Joy but no Ben. Joy says he found his friends and got chatting to a girl at the bar. Pip wants to leave but Josh insists they stay for at least one drink. Pip groans.

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