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Philip attempts to keep control and Justin ruffles feathers

Kirsty wants Philip to take a break from agonising about the Grey Gables explosion but Philip has too much on his mind. Kirsty reminds him that he is a good man. She gets him out for a walk and suggests coming into the health club for a free massage. Gavin calls and annoyed Kirsty storms off. Philip hears that the police are interviewing Blake. He tells Gavin to sit tight until he gets there.

Phoebe tells Pip that Roy’s suffering with concussion and is under strict instructions to rest. While they discuss fencing for the boundary of their rewilding land, Justin unexpectedly joins them. He looks at their estimates and reckons he can get a better deal with the buying power of Borchester Land. Pip feels patronised but Phoebe tries to get her to see the positive.

Gavin is worried Blake won’t stick to the lines they’ve given him under police questioning. Philip admonishes Gavin again for supplying petrol to clean the Grey Gables kitchen floor. The police leave and Philip insists on going to see Blake without Gavin but a nurse turns him away. Gavin thinks Philip should demand to see Blake. Philip marches him out of the hospital and tells him to stay with his mum – he’s too much of a liability to have around at the moment. From now on they’re going to handle the situation Philip’s way.

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