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Architect Elsie Owusu meets Lord Chris Smith

From the Eden Project to The Dome and beyond, Lord Chris Smith discusses his legacy with the architect, Elsie Owusu.

Elsie Owusu meets Lord Chris Smith, the former Secretary of State for Culture and chair of the Millennium Commission, to discuss what he feels is his architectural legacy: from the Eden project to the Dome and beyond.

Across three editions of One to One, Elsie - an architect - has been exploring the connection between architecture, art and justice. In today's discussion Lord Smith mulls over his time in office and discusses what he's proudest of: the reintroduction of free museum entrance, and what he's perhaps less happy to recall: the Millennium Dome.

Producer: Karen Gregor

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14 minutes


  • Tue 25 Feb 2020 09:30

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