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Stoppard -Leopoldstadt, Emma, Philip Hensher, Steve McQueen - Tate Modern, The End

Stoppard -Leopoldstadt, Emma, Philip Hensher - A Small Revolutuion in Germany , Steve McQueen at Tate Modern, The End - an extremely dark Australian TV comedy series about suicide

Tom Stoppard has a new play - Leopoldstadt - a slightly autobiographical telling of the story of several generations of a wealthy Jewish family in Europe over 6 decades, from 1899

How many different cinematic versions of Jane Austen novels does the world need? What does The latest Emma - directed by a former photographer/ pop video director - bring that's new?

A Small Revolution in Germany is the latest novel from Philip hensher. It follows the diverging paths of a group of young politically charged leftists

The End is a very darkly comic TV series set in a retirement village on Australia's Gold coast where Edie - played by Harriet Walter - ends up after trying to kill herself

A retrospective of the video work of British artist Steve McQueen has just opened at Tate Modern in London. 14 video installations cover his work from 1992 to today

Tom Sutcliffe's guests are Ayesha Hazarika, David Benedict and Julia Raeside. The producer is Oliver Jones

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Main image credit: Marc Brenner

Available now

57 minutes


The Wyndham's Theatre
Until 13 June 2020
Image credit: Marc Brenner


Mia Goth (l), Anya Taylor-Joy (r)
Out now, Cert U

Image credit:
Box Hill Films / Focus Features

The End

The End
Sky Atlantic & Now TV
Image © Sky UK Limited

A Small Revolution in Germany

A Small Revolution in Germany
by Philip Hensher
Publisher: 4th Estate

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen
Tate Modern until 11 May
Image: 7 Nov, 2001 Video still
© Steve McQueen
Courtesy the artist, Thomas Dane Gallery and
Marian Goodman Gallery


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