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Reflection and prayer to begin the day, with Rev Cheryl Meban.

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Rev Cheryl Meban

Good morning On 13th Feb 1945, Rev Ray Davey, then a prisoner of war in Dresden, serving as chaplain to other prisoners, witnessed the allied bombing of that city. He wrote in his war diary: "Dresden was very heavily bombed at midday and at night. It looked as if some supernatural giant had taken up the town and shaken it and then set it on fire. I walked for a very long time without seeing a house fit for habitation. I had never seen such absolute devastation on such a wide scale."
After the war Ray Davey became a chaplain at Queens University in Belfast, out of which grew a community which invested in an old house called Corrymeela, on a clifftop at Ballycastle on the north Coast of Ireland. Corrymeela may mean a Place of lumpy crossings, looking as it does, across to Rathlin Island and the Scottish isles of Jura and Islay. Davey came to lead this Corrymeela community – a place for people to be different from each other but learn to love and respect and value each other… 
Today, some Corrymeela community members have travelled from Ireland to join with the people of Dresden in prayers for peace and for healing.
In 2016, on the anniversary of the Luftwaffe bombing of Coventry, I shared this prayer, and today remembering the RAF bombing of Dresden, let us pray again, alongside Dresden and Corrymeela and Coventry, and those suffering from violence in places of lumpy crossings:Giver of Life, Creator of all that is good, beautiful and true, Give us courage this day to overcome evil with good; to brave death and destruction with faith in goodness and life to find strength in love for enemies and strangers, love that is stronger than death.  Amen