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Reflection and prayer to begin the day, with Rev Cheryl Meban.

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Rev Cheryl Meban

Good morning. I wonder if you’ll be spreading love today in honour of Saint Valentine and on whom will you shower your gifts of kindness and devotion? Only one beloved? Or could you find a stranger to feed or an outcast to welcome in? Or do something to help someone or some groups of people thousands of miles away.  Maybe you could sit peaceably with someone who is alone or isolated. So many ways to love!C.S. Lewis wrote a book called the Four Loves, which explains how different Greek words identified different kinds of loves for different recipients. Some loves are more selfish and potentially corrupting than others. In The Message of Love, the Irish Bible scholar, Patrick Mitchel, has dared to bring together in one readable book a clear sense of the meaning of Love in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. He relates all of this to our contemporary culture without squabbling over marriage and exclusion. Instead, he seems to follow the counsel of Jesus, seeking the heart of love, rather than its outer shell. Mitchel’s focus is on the character of God, and the radical understanding of it that former-Pharisee-Saul-turned-apostle-Paul had of God’s love as expressed in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  Patrick Mitchel puts the challenge in these terms: God’s prime agenda in sending His Son is to create communities of radical love. Radical love is our commitment to the highest good of the other.  God, whose nature and name is Love, we fall so short of your love and fail to build such radical communities. Forgive us for caring so little for our neighbours, and for seeing others as enemies instead of reflections of your face.  Amen