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Music to celebrate a Medici Wedding in 1589

Music for a Medici wedding. Vocal and instrumental music written in honour of the wedding in 1589 of Duke Ferdinando I de Medici and Princess Christina of Lorraine.

A Medici Wedding in 1589:
On 2 May 1589 in Florence, the wedding of Duke Ferdinando I de Medici and Princess Christina of Lorraine was celebrated with one of the most spectacular stage performances in history. Special effects like advanced stage machinery, enormous backdrops and a fire-breathing dragon entertained the wedding guests. Just as spectacular was the music, written by the most famous composers of the time.
Here Mariangiola Martello directs Camerata La Pellegrina in two of these Intermedi in which the story of Florence's supposedly Greek origin is used as an an allegory to celebrate the wedding couple. These Intermedi became so successful that Duke Ferdinando demanded more performances and published the scores.
Presented by Penny Gore.

Cristofano Malvezzi: Sinfonia
Antonio Archilei: Dalle più alte sfere
Cristofano Malvezzi (1547-1599): Noi che cantando;
Cristofano Malvezzi: Sinfonia
Cristofano Malvezzi: Dolcissime sirene
Cristofano Malvezzi:A voi reali amanti
Cristofano Malvezzi: Coppia gentil
Luca Marenzio (1553/4-1599): Sinfonia
Luca Marenzio: Belle ne fa natura
Luca Marenzio : Chi dal delfino
Luca Marenzio: Se nelle voci nostre
Luca Marenzio: O figlie di Piero

Christina Larsson Malmberg (soprano), Sofia Niklasson (soprano), Anna Zander (contralto), Håkan Ekenäs (baritone)
Camerata La Pellegrina
Mariagiola Martello (organ, virginal and musical direction)

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