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Dumfries & Galloway

Kathy Clugston and the panel are in Dumfries and Galloway.

Kathy Clugston and the panel are in Dumfries and Galloway. James Wong, Matthew Wilson and Christine Walkden answer questions from the audience.

This week, the panellists discuss encouraging plants to grow in a stone garden wall. They also advise on over-wintering a fig tree and consider the best plant varieties for a garden with low drainage.

Matt Biggs meets GQT listener Sarah Davison, who is blind. She guides Matt round her garden and shows him how sight isn't essential to gardening.

Producer: Dan Cocker
Assistant Producer: Rosie Merotra

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4

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Sun 9 Feb 2020 14:00

Plant List

Q – How can I encourage Campanula and other pollinating plants to grow in a stone garden wall? (2 minutes 16)


Matthew –Erigeron karvinskianus (Mexican Daisy)

Campanula portenschlagiana


Shade tolerant alpines


Christine – Meconopsis cambrica (Welsh poppy)

Erinus alpinus (Fairy foxglove)


James – Agar gel (seaweed-based gel)


Q – I am struggling to grow summer-fruiting raspberries. What am I doing wrong? (7 minutes 30)


Q – We have a small wildlife pond. Can you recommend the best way of controlling the Blanket weed or algae without disturbing the wildlife? (9 minutes 42)


Matthew – Water-lily (Nymphaeaceae)

Marsh-marigold (Caltha palustris)


Q – I have thrown countless packets of seeds directly onto the flowerbeds. but only 1% of them grow. Is there a special technique to this? (13 minutes 38)


Feature (16 minutes)



Pineapple Broom Tree (Cytisus battandieri)


Mock-Orange Tree (Philadelphus)

Sarcococca hookeriana (Winter-gem)


Christine – Edgeworthia chrysantha (Paperbush)

Matthew – Mint


James – Mahonia

Espeletia (Frailejones)

Stachys byzantia (Lamb’s ear)


Q – Why does my Sarcococca (Winter box) have no scent? (25 minutes 51)


Q – I would like some ideas for planting in an area with low drainage. (29 minutes 30)


James – Houttuynia cordata (Fish mint)

Water mint



Christine – Narcissus cyclamineus (Cyclamen-flowered daffodil)

Cardamine pratensis (Cuckooflower)

Caltha palustris (Kingcup)


Dwarf Astilbe


Matthew – Ilex ‘Nellie Stevens’

Lysinachia clethroides (Gooseneck loosestrife)

Lythrum salicaria ‘Lady Sackville’

Osmunda Regalis (Royal fern)



Q – My fig-tree is in a large pot and brought into the greenhouse over winter. Is there anything I should be doing to look after it until the spring? (36 minutes 44)


Q – We have had so much success with the chillies we are thinking of branching out. A young mathematician suggested Romanesco (Roman cauliflower) – we have only seen pictures can you help us out please? (37 minutes 42)


James – Miracle berry (Synsepalum Dulcificum)


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