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5. In Which Andrew Marsh Loses a Witness

Andrew discovers there’s more to Sheila and Margaret than meets the eye - and that his life is in jeopardy. Stars Noel Johnson.

Andrew discovers there's more to Sheila Ramsey and Margaret Everard than meets the eye - and that his life is in jeopardy...

Noel Johnson stars in a seven-part thriller serial by David Ellis.

Andrew Marsh …. Noel Johnson
Sheila Ramsey …. Jan Edwards
Margaret Everard …. Eva Haddon
Peter Lloyd …. Michael Deacon
Alf Jenkins …. Brian Haines
Joe …. Antony Viccars
Bill Rodney …. Wilfred Carter
Shirley …. Kathleen Helme
Detective Inspector Adams …. John Bentley
Detective Sergeant Rankin …. Henry Stamper
Dr Fergus …. Malcolm Hayes

Producer: Betty Davies.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in February 1969.

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