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Breaking Point

Episode 2 of 3

At a chimpanzee orphanage in Liberia, a deadly cold breaks out among the babies, and the arrival of an eight-week-old infant and an adult male chimp brings new challenges.

At Liberia’s only home for rescued chimpanzees, there are more new arrivals. Jimmy and Jenny Desmond and their team now have 28 chimps to look after, including an eight-week-old baby called Gaia. Plans come together for the new sanctuary in the forest, and the orphans learn to master tools so they can forage for food. But a deadly cold breaks out among the babies, with disastrous consequences. And the team rescues an adult male chimp called Jonny who brings a new set of challenges. The pressure is on to move the chimps to their new home, before things get out of hand.

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Role Contributor
Presenter Ben Garrod
Series Producer Rob Sullivan
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Composer The Insects