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Our Experimental Music Future

Elizabeth Alker looks into her experimental music crystal ball for some of 2020's best festivals, record releases and special shows.

Elizabeth Alker with music that defies classification. In this episode Elizabeth looks into her experimental music crystal ball and picks out some of the best festivals, record releases and special shows coming up in 2020. She heads to a park underneath the M4 for the Junction 2 Festival with music by Four Tet; an old brewery in Potsdam, Germany plays host to a weekend of ambient music and a special performance by Polish cellist, singer and composer Resina; and a celebration of Dada and alternative music and art, with resident artist Hayden Thorpe, takes place in the Lake District for the first time. Over in the USA, we preview the Big Ears festival with the spectral electroacoustic sounds of Astrid Sonne and analogue synth artist Caterina Barbieri.

Elizabeth also has music from a brand new soundtrack by one of the giants of the Icelandic music scene, Valgeir SigurĂ°sson, and an exclusive play of a track from the new record by Rafiq Bhatia who will perform at Unclassified Live in April.

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1 hour

Music Played

  • Four Tet

    Teenage Birdsong

    Performer: Four Tet.
  • Resina


    Performer: Resina.
  • Nicolas Stocker

    Bells for Pony, Prelude

    Performer: Nicolas Stocker.
  • Areni Agbabian

    Anganim Arachi Ko

    Performer: Areni Agbabian.
  • Valgeir SigurĂ°sson

    Not An Accident

    Performer: Valgeir SigurĂ°sson.
  • Gyda Valtysdottir


    Performer: Gyda Valtysdottir.
  • Hayden Thorpe

    Full Beam (Raven remix)

    Performer: Hayden Thorpe.
  • Jacob Kirkegaard


    Performer: Jacob Kirkegaard.
  • Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres

    Return to 8 (Frances Shelley rework)

    Performer: Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres.
  • Caterina Barbieri

    How To Decode An Illusion

    Performer: Caterina Barbieri.
  • Astrid Sonne

    Strong Calm Slow

    Performer: Astrid Sonne.
  • Rafiq Bhatia

    Lonely Woman

    Composer: Ornette Coleman. Performer: Rafiq Bhatia.


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