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2. Goons, Bonzos and Kens

Tony Law looks at Surrealism in Comedy with Michael Bentine's memories of The Goons, Monty Python sketches and a couple of Kens.

Absurdist Canadian comedian, Tony Law, takes us on a journey through the twists and turns of Surrealism in comedy.

He is accompanied by Noel Fielding and Robert Popper

‘The Reluctant Jester Strikes Back’ [15/11/1994]

Monty Python ‘Apologies’ and ‘Bookshop’ sketches.

Michael Palin and Eric Idle interviewed by Michael Whale in 1973.

Radio 6 Music’s Sean Keaveny and Matt Everitt discuss surreal music.

Kenny Everett Radio Show extracts.

Rob Brydon’s ‘Ken Bruce’ Radio Show extracts.

Producer: Kerry McCarthy.

Made for and first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra in 2014.

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